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What does the session fee cover? Session fees, due on booking to hold your spot, cover the time for the session only (except as noted for Model for a Day Glamour Elegant Beauty sessions), no prints or other items. It guarantees you undivided attention and creativity to produce some magical portraits of your family, as well as the hours she will spend after the fact finding the very best and editing them to perfection. It also includes your pre-portrait consultation, time and advice during your ordering appointment where she helps you decide sizes and styles, create a gallery wall to display in your home or custom design a gorgeous holiday card. 

What exactly IS the Model-for-a-Day Experience? The Model-for-a-Day Experience is a photo session that lets you feel like a supermodel. Each session is artfully guided beginning with professional makeup and hair styling. Your wardrobe is carefully selected to achieve a perfect on camera look. And your photo shoot is directed to capture the beautiful and desirable woman you are. Release your inner Cinderella with this luxurious day of pampering. Check out the Model-for-a-Day page and see some before and after photos same day transformations here.

What do I wear? Your portrait session at brenPhotography is special. You’ve finally scheduled the time, but now what? What to wear? How to prepare? Click the Contact Us page to request our FREE PDF with tips on preparing for your session whether it is for an Elegant Beauty Glamour Session, Beautiful Belly, Newborn, Family, Child or Headshot type of session. 

Is there a minimum order? No there is not a minimum order. We custom design and create packages to suit your individual needs during your ordering appointment. And there is never a “per head” fee.

How long will it take? You should plan 1-2 hours for your portrait session. Your brenPhotography experience includes a pre-portrait planning session, your portrait session, and a final selection/ordering session (about 2 weeks after your portrait session). Your final portraits will be ready about 6 weeks after your final selection. 

Do I need an appointment? Yes, your brenPhotography session is by appointment. This allows us to schedule ample time so you are never rushed. Your session is about you, your family, and your children. 

Are my portraits “photoshopped”? All portraits are digitally enhanced, color corrected and cropped as needed (minor corrections such as blemishes, hair wisps) at no additional cost.  

Who should I get photographs for? Everyone you know, of course! Actually, when you come in for your pre-portrait consultation, we have a list for you to consider. 

You took so many, I don't know which ones to pick! The first thing to do is consider where you will be hanging your wall art. Many people feel that we know which image is best. While it's true that we may have favorites, the fact is when it comes to choosing your favorite, it is completely subjective. But we are there to help during the selection session.

Here's a great rule of thumb: When going through the images, especially for the first few times, trust your first impression. If you see an image and have a reaction, that's your heart speaking. Better to trust it. Trust your gut feeling. It won't let you down. And remember, a photograph that may look great on your living room wall, may not be the same photography that is appropriate for grandma.

I can't make up my mind right now, can I go home and call you? Other customers have felt the same way at first, but found after going through the ordering process in the studio they easily knew what they needed. We hold your hand every step of the way, so selecting wall portraits and gifts for Grandma are a snap. 

How long before the portraits are ready? Most orders are ready within 4-6 weeks. It takes time to work on the images and have them professionally printed by our lab. If you have special time considerations, just ask. 

What if I don't like the images you created for us? With your help and expertise we try to ensure that the very best is created during your photo session. However, we guarantee our work, and if you aren't happy, we will create more images at a new session or refund 100% your money. NO hard feelings. See our 100% Guarantee tab.

Do you have any testimonials? Yes! I love meeting and learning about my clients and I am grateful they love me too! Read what they have said on the Raves page.

Can Grandma come along and take pictures with her own camera in between shots? We love grandma, but no. No other cameras are permitted at the session, since they upset the flow and distract everyone, especially kids. (This includes phones and video cameras).