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Thursday, January 18, 2018
By Brenda Jankowski brenPhotography Newtown PA Photographer
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Are you snap happy? After vacation, a celebration or just going to dinner- are you left with an over flowing camera roll? Do you believe that a live well lived is a life well documented? What happens when documenting leaves you feeling overwhelmed?


Is it time to organize your photo life?

TIP #1- Find the favorites.


Sometimes it’s necessary to take multiple shots in order to maximize your chances of getting “the one”.  For instance capturing babies (doing anything) or busy pets. The key to this is to choose your favorites right after shooting. The first thing I do is cull them — deleting any and all images that are blurry, accidental bursts, closed eyes or poorly lit. This helps me spend time editing the photos that are the ones I love the most, and it also helps me feel less overwhelmed when it’s time to choose what images I want to share to social media or print. Once I have narrowed a batch down, put all of my favorites into one folder. (When you press the star button below the photo, it goes into the already-set-up favorites folder). Then, I edit those few which best represent the moment I was trying to capture.


Action steps:

  •    Delete the shots that are blurry, accidental, or poorly lit
  •    Use the favorites feature to star all the photos you want to edit
  •    Delete and favorite as you go to avoid an accumulation of photos


TIP #2:  Create Categories


Start using the albums tool on your phone to organize your memories. Create albums based on both the year & occasion so you have a place for every picture that is meaningful. Add photos into their corresponding album as you go — it’s so much easier to find them in there than in the depths of your camera roll. By organizing your best shots intentionally it’s easy make gifts or just find to show or refer to later (collecting photos for that renovation?).


Action steps:

  •    Create albums based on year & occasion
  •    Add photos into corresponding albums after you take them
  •    Make specific albums ahead of time for gifts


TIP #3:  All About the Apps


Consider using a few apps to help stay organized. First, iCloud photo sharing (which is already on the iphone with iOS). Here, you can make different collections and allow others to contribute (perfect for making a shared book for a friend or family member!). Ypu can also use Google PhotoScan to scan so that all of my photos are in one place — on your phone. Also, Google Photos is a great tool for backing up / auto-organizing your photos. At the end of every few months,  upload all of your photos there.

Action steps:



TIP 04: Print


Creating stylish and minimal photo books straight from your phone is simple. So easy that, you can make one every year! For birthdays, milestones, holidays — anything is an excuse to print out my images. Tangible memories. You can rest easy at night knowing that your photos exist — in real life. But– they ultimately end up on an external hard drive, in case of the apocalypse. You know.


Action steps:

  •    Create books on a recurring basis so that it becomes habit
  •    Directly upload the albums on your phone into a book (the hard work of curating the images and naming the book is done for you!)
  •    Back up your photos on a hard drive for extra measure

TIP 05: Make a 2nd copy.


 Be sure you get them saved in a 2nd location (like an external hard drive or even a USB stick). Then put that in your fire box or safe deposit box.


Don’t risk losing your family history, by keeping them ONLY on the phone. 

It's about shining from the inside...


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
By Brenda Jankowski, brenPhotography
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As we start a new year, we are quick to dive into lists of resolutions, to-do's, and goals for the year ahead. However, we don’t always remember to stop and celebrate the life we’ve lived in the past year. With the start of this year, I challenge you to stop and reflect. Best place to start? Through your photographs.

The endless scroll of your digital photos can be daunting –I get it. Here’s a guide to help you find some of your most meaningful images from 2017.


PHOTO #1: Find a photo from the year's greatest adventure - big or small.

We were invited to the annual dinner of White House Correspondents' Association, which has been on my bucket list since I was a Journalism undergrad. Even though The President didn't attend (it is usually a roast of The President and he usually has a few choice words (in jest) for the press) a 1st Amendment nerd like me was very happy to hear Carl Bernstein (who broke the Watergate story) speak.

PHOTO #2: Find a photo of a significant moment.

This is my husband speaking after receiving an award & honor from Temple University (Go OWLS!), but it is significant to me NOT because of the award (although that is great) but because I have never seen him present and speak officially. Often, we never really get to see our partners in their work lives, to see them in their element. In a different arena and how they shine there. So that for me was significant.

PHOTO #3: What photo makes you feel the most alive.

This is a cheat for me - my daughter bungee jumping in Australia. Every parent can agree, nothing makes you feel more alive than when your child's is taking a huge risk (it certainly gets the heart pumping). And then the feeling of gratitude when you realize that they are happy and willing to put themselves out there.

PHOTO #4: Search for a photo of a morning you want to remember.

Many days I would see the beautiful morning light that played on and shone through the hibiscus tree that was on my front porch. It didn't hurt that yellow flowers are my favorite.

PHOTO #5: Find a photo that represents joy.

I try to have fresh flowers in the house always.  And I just love the simplicity of white daisies.

PHOTO #6: Locate a photo of people that shaped your year.

This is my photography mentor Sue Bryce. She has shaped me into the photographer and business person that I am more than anyone else. She has also helped me to grow personally -- exponentially. My wish is that everyone can find someone that will help them become the best they can be. (She will be here next year as well, but there will be a photo of me photographing in her studio!)

PHOTO #7: Find a photo of you trying something new.

 This is a photo of a goal I set for myself to do some public speaking (3X) in 2017.

2 lessons were learned here:

1. As a photographer I am always behind the camera. I need to ask people to take photos of me.

2. The Universe gives you exactly what you ask for- no more, no less. I asked for 3 and I got 3. Set your sights higher (or adjust if you find it's not a stretch, or you are just loving it).

PHOTO #8: Identify an image of something you are proud of.

For the past 5 years, I have photographed the holiday party at Gilda's Club in Warminster which is part of the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia. BUT THAT is NOT what I am proud of. I am proud that this year I DID NOT HAVE TO PERSUADE even 1 parent to get into the photos. They have finally heard me and realized that it is important for EVERY FAMILY MEMBER to exist in photos. All the time. Every year.

PHOTO #9: What is a photo that you will want to pass down for the generations to come?

I can't say it enough. Get in those photos. Some day the successive generations will want to see their lineage. What will they find? That you did not exist for decades? And some day that photo of you will be priceless. It will be the most treasured thing they own. Give them something.

Celebrate you.

Not everyone's year looked the same. When we stop to look back at our photos, we are able to find celebration in the moments we've experienced —

both big and small.

Know that it is yours to celebrate.

Now that you have your 10 photos...


It's about shining from the inside...

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016
By brenPhotography
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Are you ready for a great night with your friends learning interesting information enjoying wine and munchies? (Full size image below!)

On May 18th, five fabulous ladies (and yes, I’m tooting my own horn–why not?!) will meet at the NAC (Newtown Athletic Club) from 6-8 PM for a fun and informative evening geared towards women. (Men, do not be afraid–we welcome you, too!)

Women often find themselves in a care-taker role, both in their personal lives and sometimes professionally. Yet, rarely do they place themselves at the top of their own care-taker list, making them exhausted, unproductive and yes, unhappy.


Did you know that half of all women:

Never speak to a financial advisor about their financial health and future goals
Never speak to a doctor about pelvic health concerns
Hate having their picture taken and never see their own beauty
Never put themselves on their own priority list
Join We Chat Workshops and presenters Catherine Shanahan (CDFA and co-founder of Divorce U Solutions) and Marianna Goldenberg (CDFA and founding principal at CURO Wealth Management), as they provide valuable information on setting goals and achieving financial stability. Dr. Stephanie Molden (leading Urogynecology Physician at Female Pelvic Health Center) advises women on health issues. Brenda Jankowski (brenPhotography) offers tips to show you at your most beautiful for your next photo session, and author, speaker and humorist, Mary Fran Bontempo shows women how to tweak their self-talk to live happier, more productive lives.

Along with a happy hour menu of unique appetizers and wine, presented tapas-style, this program offers women an evening of information, empowerment, and entertainment, presented by experts in their respective fields. Kick-off begins at 6:15 with an opening presentation. Give-aways include a grand prize basket, and other offerings. Together, women can make a difference, and sharing resources and fun is a winning combination for all women.

Every woman deserves to spend a few hours just on herself. Advance tickets for this evening of information and fun are available for $45; at-door purchase $50. To purchase your ticket, visit Eventbrite . The Newtown Athletic Center (The NAC) is located at 120 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940.

See you there!

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Tuesday, March 08, 2016
By Newtown Pa Glamour and Family Photographer Brenda Jankowski of brenPhotography
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Who are the women that made you? 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, take a moment to reflect on the women you are a product of. 

Take out those photos of them, those heirlooms, the tangible legacy they left you. These photos were an investment in the future – their future - you, your children, and your children’s children. 

Photos are a way to see the family resemblance. 

Photos are a way to share the beautiful stories, respecting and honoring who you are through who they were, documenting moments in time. I’m not sure that at the moment they were having these photographs made they were thinking investment, but in hindsight you know how valuable these images are to you. 

So I challenge you…get out your camera, cell phone, whatever. Take those photos, with your kids. And not just on special occasions. Document not just their childhood, but you as parents along with them. And PRINT them. 

When your children are adults do you think they will notice your double chin? Doubtful. Looking back they will see photos of the parents and grandparents that they loved. So don’t avoid a photo because you don’t like how you looked that day, or you think you are too overweight or your hair is a mess. 

Someday, these photos will be the only thing your family has of you and they will be happy to know that you existed – in photos- for them to enjoy and share the memories. 

Photos of you are your legacy. To your kids – they are priceless.

It's about shining from the inside...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016
By Newtown Pa Glamour and Family Photographer Brenda Jankowski of brenPhotography
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Jane as been in practice since 1997. She's a pain relief specialist. She's a Licensed Massage Therapist. Myofascial Release Therapist and also a stretching teacher. 

Give her a call for a consultation, BEFORE you are in pain.

Jane needed some new personal branding photography and here's some more information about Jane


Business name: Jane Stinson, LMT, CHC

 Address: 800 W. State St., Doylestown, Pa 18901

 Phone number: 215-262-8785


Tell me a little about your business: I'm a licensed massage therapist who has been in full-time practice since 1997. I get people out of pain, help them get back to life, teach them to stretch properly & assist them in finding the best foods & exercises for them. 

I specialize in Myofascial Release which is an advanced and specialized form of Body Work.  Myofascial Release involves hands on pressure that softens the fascia. Fascia is a strong connective tissue that is continuous from head to toe. It interconnects all of your body systems including your heart, lungs and vital organs. It also interconnects all of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. The fascia can become damaged, forming scar tissue and adhesions, thus restricting the movements and health of your muscular skeletal system and your organs. This can occur through chronic repetitive motions, accidents, surgery and stress. Often times the damage to fascia is not visible on tests such as MRI's or CAT scans. The damaged fascia acts like a vise grip on your body. You may feel like you're getting older and are not moving as you once did when you were a young child.

Active Isolated Stretching

Pregnancy massage. 

Infant massage instructor as well as practitioner.

I'm a Certified Health Coach who's is a Certified Body Type Counselor specializing in Eating & Exercising Right for You Body Type.

How & when did you get started? 1997

What is your business best known for?

I'm a pain relief expert who can assist clients in: increasing mobility, stress relief, neck, back & hip pain, weight loss, increasing vitality & health. Most of my clients come to me after they've tried everything else with little or no success. I have a 90% success rate in pain relief. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, foot reflexology, Active Isolated Stretching.

 I have a 90% success rate in pain relief

What is something interesting about your business that your customers might not know?

I'm continually training, reading & taking classes to keep sharp. I have two coaches & mentors because when you coach & counsel others you have to have your own supporter too. 

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: Don't be the best kept secret. 

On my day off I love to bike, walk, read & write. 

I can’t start my day until I do my morning stretch routine. 

You’ll never see me without a smile on my face. 

Profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Becoming an author as I love to write. 

What is the one thing you wish you knew how to do? Speak Spanish 

What is the first job you ever had? Papergirl when I was 13

Why did you need a headshot? I wanted to up my professionalism 

How did you feel about your Business Portrait experience with brenPhotography? I loved working with Brenda. She's fabulous at capturing the real me. The session was fun and the shots are fantastic. I highly recommend Brenda!

It's about shining from the inside...

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