It's Still Summer. Keep Taking Those Photos!
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Thursday, July 26, 2018
By Newtown PA photographer, Brenda Jankowski of brenPhotography
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Summer isn't over. Have you captured it in photos?


Summer isn’t over yet which means you still have plenty of time to take some photos. Plus, the kids are home and they make excellent little subjects to work with and with the long summer days you’ll have plenty of light. This equates to a lot of great photo opportunities.


Let’s talk about how to get some great summer pictures in a few different situations.


Beach Pictures

When you take pictures at the beach, there are a few things you’ll want to take into account. The first is to be very careful as sand in your camera or lens is the worst! Try and keep the same lens on your camera the whole time, this will help prevent getting sand in your camera and lenses. Make sure you keep your camera by you or hidden so other beachgoers don’t notice it sitting there when you wander down to the water.


When taking photos remember to be aware of your background. The beach can get cluttered with people, so use the water as your background instead as it will make a much cleaner photo. Plus, who wants random people in your photos? Keep in mind that the light at the beach can be pretty harsh. The water will cause it to be extra bright and it will reflect everywhere. Place your subjects with their backs to the light and focus on the people to get the correct exposure. Lastly, think about shooting at the beginning and the end of the beach day so you get less harsh shadows.

Vacation Pictures


Vacation pictures can be tricky for me as sometimes my camera makes me feel like I am working. I have to actually force myself to take out my camera and capture those memories. A lot of people feel like they should take pictures of the places and landscapes they visit, but I challenge you to photograph the memories you are making more than anything else. Get pictures of your family doing things, not just smiling at the camera in front of a gorgeous landscape! Try to capture the emotion or feeling of what you’re doing. Take pictures while hiking, window shopping, exploring, eating, walking, playing, relaxing and anything else you do. Try and take pictures of your family doing things they don’t get to do anywhere else.

Lazy Summer Days


Lastly, I think you should photograph your summer vacation at home. The long afternoons of reading, playing, and spending time together at home are priceless as well. Our summer break from school isn’t that long but it’s our time, so capture it! Not all of your summer days have to be outing and adventures.

So grab that camera and capture your days. You won't be able to get them back.


Some day these photos will be the most valuable thing you (or your children) will own!


If you have any questions, I am happy to talk image selection (and most other things…) so go ahead and give me a call at 215.208.5803 or send me an email HERE and we can chat more. OR schedule a studio tour and see if I’m the one for you.

It's about shining from the inside...


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