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Tuesday, August 13, 2013
By Brenda Jankowski brenPhotography Bucks County PA Contemporary Women and Family Portrait Artist
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Ready or not it’s almost that time!

Christmas? Halloween? Now let’s not rush things---BACK TO SCHOOL!  Kind of like Christmas – the excitement of new things, the shopping, the crowds, the clutter….

New teacher, new friends, new projects…. “Wait! I don’t have room for any new projects to come through the door. But I wouldn’t dream of getting rid of anything!”

You don’t have to get rid of your kids’ old artwork and projects, just turn them into a memory book. That way you can always remember the amazing things they made, and you will have room for more.

It’s easy to do at Picaboo Photo Book, Snapfish, Walgreens to name a few.

Simple Tips for Creating a Terrific Art Book

Tip #1: Gather & Digitize Your Masterpieces

Gather all the artwork you’d like to include in your book. You have two options for turning your art into a digital format. You can scan or photograph your art.

If you decide to scan them, any desktop scanner will do. Just make sure your scanner is set at a minimum of 300 dpi. You can also have an office supply store such as Staples scan your art for you.




If you choose to photograph tt, use a tripod or set your camera on a steady surface. Make sure the room is well-lit. Natural light is always best. Choose a simple background. You don’t want anything taking away from the art. Your hardwood floors, concrete, asphalt and simple tiles work, too.

Tip  #2: Add Narration To Your Photo Book

After you’ve imported your images, describe the art with captions. You could include the date it was created, the teacher your child had, the school they went to and a fun anecdote about the project. You could even ask your child to write something about each piece. Simple probing questions like: “What were you thinking about when you drew me as witch?” Or: “Why is Daddy wearing a car?” make for great answers. 

Tip #3: Pick Vibrant Backgrounds

There are many fun backgrounds that can add to your book. create a custom background color that matches your child’s piece. Go simple or use an art supply theme. Or search Flickr for photos with a Creative Commons License (this allows you to use the photograph). There are some fantastic photos of crayons that would make for great backgrounds.

Tip #4: Make A Custom Cover

The cover is just as important as the contents.. Add your favorite masterpiece to the cover. Or have your little artist draw a self-portrait!


You can even make duplicate books for grandparents for Christmas.

Then you can brag that you started your Christmas shopping!  Only  132 days away---AAAKK!