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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
By Brenda Jankowski Bucks County PA Contemporary Women's Photographer
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Ann suddenly realized that she just didn’t have any great photographs of her mother. Also, it had been a few years since she had gotten any photos of her children.  And, like most moms, she didn’t even realize that she was once again worrying about everyone but herself.

But was she really?  As we talked, Ann realized that the photos of her mother were a gift to herself and her children to have photos of Grammie as she is now - just as the photos of her children were a gift to herself so she can remember them as they are now.

So didn’t her children deserve a gift from Ann so they can remember her as she is now?

That is how I ended up photographing all 3 generations of this family. Grammie and Ann both weren’t too keen on getting in front of a camera, but they both agreed to a session as a gift for each other.  Once they saw themselves after their make-over, they carried themselves with a new sense of feeling beautiful and special. Then after a sneak peek at the back of the camera, they relaxed and enjoyed the rest of their session.

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(click photo to see session video)      

We timed it so that Danielle could join us when she got off of the school bus. Usually very comfortable getting her picture taken, she just loved getting her hair curled and being treated to pampering just like her mom and Grammie. 

(click photo to see session video)

“The time went so quickly- it only felt like a few minutes! I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw in the back of the camera.”  Ann

Next up – the BOYS!

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