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What to Expect

The commissioning of original artwork that celebrates the most precious moments of our lives is a wise and loving investment. 
Portrait Photography ......... Your Family As Art 

Having your portrait taken is a unique and creative undertaking. As a portrait artist, I draw upon my talent and experience to make your portrait a one-of-a-kind statement that communicates your creative vision powerfully and enhances the decor of your home in a deeply personal way.

My ultimate goal in creating your portraits is to provide you with more than just a portrait --- a timeless creation of your family’s personality, style and love for one another, of your newborn’s sweetness and of the ultimate anticipation of welcoming new life. I love to take photographs, and have a great time doing it! 

Your portraits will hang in your home for many years. It is our mission to create distinctive photographs that are timeless and relevant, suitable for any home art collection. 

Your brenPhotography experience - 
1. The Design Consultation 
During the design consultation we can get to know one another, answer questions, go over all of your ideas and plan your session from location to wardrobe. We want to get to know you, your style and home décor. This helps us design the session around you and create the best and most personalized artwork possible. 
A preplanning design consultation allows us to coordinate the location, backgrounds, accessories, and clothing to set the mood for the artistic scene. Your portrait possibilities are endless! After this discussion of the vision for your portrait session, we will schedule a specific date and time. A creation fee/retainer is secured and you are then ready for the next step in the process - the fun, glamour, and artistry of your portrait session! 

2. The Portrait Session 
We work closely with you to create photographs that reflect the love and life that you enjoy every day. The portraits can be taken in the studio or at a location that has meaning to you and your family and lasts about 60-90 minutes. The approach is always playful and fun, never rigidly posed, allowing the true spirit of your family to come out. 

3. After Your Session – you’ll have some homework! 
After your portrait session, we’ll immediately schedule a time about 2 weeks later for you to come in for a personal and private viewing of your best images. You’ll prepare for your review session by taking a close look at your walls, measuring, and considering where you’ll hang your portraits. For the review session, it is a good idea to arrange a sitter for the kids, so you can relax and focus on choosing portraits for your walls.

4. The Final Selection - your ordering session.
What a thrill it is to see your portraits in a video!

You will be invited to our studio to view your portrait presentation about 2 weeks after your photo session. We will help you choose the best images and sizes, design the right products to display your favorites and place your order. Your portraits are printed by hand on quality archival paper, ensuring maximum longevity and artistic merit. All our art products are finished in a fine texture and a protective coating to prevent fading and wear. 

During this session, we will have already narrowed down the session images to the very best. While we don’t require a minimum order, this review session is the time that you will purchase your portraits. We’ll be there with you every step of the way to help with wall groupings, sizes, and finishes.

 Ideally you want to have the faces anywhere from 60-80 percent of life size (about 4-6 inches) for the most realistic effect. Although it is ideal to have faces more toward life size, it is not always practical, particularly for large family groups or homes with limited wall space. We will also discuss cropping, portrait finishes, pricing and framing options. 

Everyone interested in ordering is invited to be present at the selection session, which is included in your creation fee. You will spend approximately one hour at the studio for this session, choosing from an exciting array of artistic possibilities. Products cannot be ordered before 100% payment.

Creation Fee 
The Creation Fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, post- production work as well as:

• A focused, enjoyable atmosphere designed to get you looking your best

• A relaxed, sociable experience professionally directed to meet your scheduling needs

• A pre-portrait design consultation during which we will answer questions, go over all of your ideas and plan out your session.

• A personalized viewing and ordering session approximately 2 weeks after the portrait session.

The Creation Fee is secured to reserve your time and includes the photographer’s time for the planning and creation of your final portraits, the design consultation and planning meeting, and portrait viewing and selection sessions. 

Artwork Investment 

Wall portraits start at $225. Most of our clients start with a wall portrait and build a collection around that, ending with gift prints for extended family spending an average of $1500. In addition to our wall portraits, we offer albums, matted print collections, collages, custom cards and so much more.
Our offerings are diverse and we like to think that we have a little something for everyone. Our goal is to match you up with the perfect piece of art for you. For a complete overview of our offerings and price menu, please give us a call to schedule a no obligation consultation at 215.208.5803 or email 

We do not require set packages. Our goal is to help you determine which portraits best fit your specific needs, allowing you to create your own personal package. 

We are passionate about creating original works of fine art for each of our clients. To discuss your portrait session or arrange to present a session as a meaningful gift, please call 215.208.5803 or email or use our contact page.