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Thursday, August 23, 2018
By Newtown PA photographer, Brenda Jankowski of brenPhotography
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7 Reasons to Book a Beauty Session


Women message me all the time asking to book beauty photo sessions for many different reasons. Some choose to do them as a gift for their special someone, as something for themselves, or just because they want to celebrate a big event in their lives (beating cancer, losing weight, so many reasons!)


But often, women tell me they just don’t think they are “ready” for a photo shoot. Just about every woman that I photograph comes to my studio in a bundle of nerves. Then, we pamper her with professional hair and makeup. And guess what happens? Once we start the session and get through the first few poses they always relax and have a great time!


I have seen confidence gained, excitement exuded, and joy expressed in the faces of the women I’ve had the honor to photograph. I provide a truly unique experience that will empower you.


Why should you book a beauty session? Here are 7 reasons:


  • Celebrate your weight loss – Being healthy and in shape is a lot of work, especially for women. You deserve to reward yourself after all that hard work with awesome photos. They become mementos for how hard you’ve worked and how much you deserve to feel great, especially on those days it might be hard to motivate yourself.


  • Celebrate a transition – Did you hit a milestone birthday? Beat cancer? Ready for a new relationship? We can do something sexy, fierce, classy, and/or fun and you will have those photos forever and ever.


  • Honor your relationships – Celebrate your mom, daughters and best friends and have a great day together enjoying each other’s company. It’s a day of dress up and mimosas and creating memories (or reliving old ones!) and you have beautiful photos that you can cherish forever.


  • Bring your sexy back– After being married for a while or having kids you may forget what it feels like to “feel sexy”. Every woman deserves to feel that way again. Bring back your sexy in a shoot and remind yourself just how sexy you are.


  • Celebrate being single – Believe it or not, women book a shoot just for themselves! You don’t have to be married or in a relationship to enjoy feeling beautiful.


  • Celebrate being a woman – Being a woman is awesome, and having photos that make you proud of your femininity is truly powerful. Some of us wear the same uniform every day and are not allowed to wear makeup. Having the opportunity to paper yourself and be photographed would be a great way to remember how beautiful and amazing you are.


  • Be empowered – Women always tell me about great they feel after their shoot, and I wish I could just bottle up that feeling for you so you could pull it out on those crappy days. Well, the next best thing is your photos! Keep that wall portrait in a place that can remind you every single day how strong and sexy you are. 

There you are - Several reasons to contact me right now and book your very own beauty photo session.


No more excuses---


It’s time for you!

Schedule a studio tour and see if I’m the one for you!

If you have any questions, I am happy to talk image selection (and most other things…) so go ahead and give me a call at 215.208.5803 or send me an email HERE and we can chat more. OR schedule a studio tour and see if I’m the one for you.

It's about shining from the inside...


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