You don't have to go it alone! (Choosing your best photos, that is.)
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Thursday, July 19, 2018
By Newtown PA photographer, Brenda Jankowski of brenPhotography
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You don’t have to go it alone! (Choosing your favorite photos that is)


One of the most exciting parts of your portrait experience has nothing to do with the lights and camera. It involves you, the photographer, and only the very best images from your session. It’s when you get to see them for the first time.


I have heard from many of my clients that they have never sat down with their photographer when they are looking at their photos. And it makes me sad because you are not being properly serviced and the very last thing you remember about your whole experience is your frustration, even if the photos are amazing.


How does it help you to have me with you?


1.  The process becomes less intimidating.


Sifting through a gallery of images yourself can be very daunting. After a while they all begin to look the same and you are ready to give up.  So you keep telling yourself you will get back to it.  But you never do, and you have this decision hanging over you for months, when sitting with me rarely takes more than an hour. And it’s done. No more clutter in your head and you can start using those images.


2.  Analyzing the nuances between similar (to you) images is faster.


How overwhelming is it to look at images that, to you, essentially look the same? We can put these images side by side so you can see the nuances rather than jumping from one image to the one 5 spaces down (or was it 6 spaces) which makes the decision easier. 


Rather than rushing through reviewing your images to just get it over with (or avoid it all together), this allows you to gain insight into why I selected each particular image for you to see, and that helps you to make your decisions. Things you might not realize on your own (because sometimes we cannot get past that 1 thing about ourselves…) Certain insights about your appearance, expression, posture, how your outfit works, composition, and how/or where you might want to use this photo (especially with professional branding headshot types). This alone can go a long way to helping you choose the most appropriate photos for your needs.


So instead of being confused and giving up you are making a more informed decision.


 *Thanks to Laura Templeton for the photo of Doris Robinson & me at the computer.



3. How and where to use the images becomes clearer.


We have our pre-session consultation, where we design your portrait session, but there is always a bit of free-styling that happens. Which at the time feels like a bonus, but now it becomes, “But what am I going to do with them?”


Talking about your life style, décor, upcoming events or if they are branding/headshot photos talking about all of your media needs can help you decide on how many images you really do need or might need in the future. For instance, you may not be on the speaking circuit this year, but you’ve been thinking it might be a good thing to do…. So take one to have just in case.


Or it just might be a good photo to show a different side of your personality.


4.  Help balance vanity vs value.


And sometimes I am part therapist (and not just when you show up for your session and want to run in the other direction). Most often, I am injecting you with positive thoughts because you have decided you are “just not photogenic” and you start looking for that one thing you dislike (that one eye that is smaller than the other that you are sure everyone can see, but they are too polite to point out).


I can help you see that these images possess more value than just the aesthetics.


Conversely, if you go on a “like” binge I can point out which are better suited for your needs. I don’t want you to have a ton of images that you can never use and enjoy.


Alternatively, we can talk about what you don’t like about an image and see if we can find one that suits. It’s the most difficult when you are first seeing yourself - after you see a few, you start to see yourself as those around you do and become less focused on your “thing".  


Especially if it is self conscious based – I look fat, I look old, my smile is crooked, etc – I let you complain, but also tell you that people like you for you and they don’t see the same issues about you that you do. Your tribe doesn’t care that your eyes aren’t symmetrical – they care about the love and expertise that you give, that gets them through their day.


As you can see there is a lot of value to having your photographer there when you choose your photos. And selfishly, for me, it’s like Christmas morning when I get to see you discover yourself!

Have you had any disaster experiences trying to choose your photos? Comment here and tell me about it. What do you wish had happened? What could have made it better?





If you’re interested in working with someone who doesn’t just let you fend for yourself after your photo session….

Schedule a studio tour and see if I’m the one for you.



If you have any questions, I am happy to talk image selection (and most other things…) so go ahead and give me a call at 215.208.5803 or send me an email HERE and we can chat more.

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